Upcoming Show!

Come join me and my band, 29 & Georgia, for an evening of music and potent potables at one of Baltimore's classiest venues, An Die Musik. Details here.

Download Brandon's New EP for Free!

Welp, I've got good news and bad news.

The bad news is, I set a goal in early January of 2014 to write, record and release a new EP by March 31, 2014.

I failed.

The good news is, I…

Rollin' Along

Want to watch a group of dudes riding around on bicycles to the instrumental version of a song I wrote with ChalupskY? Great!

"Photograph" on ABC's The Fosters

Hey, folks. I hope the Summer is treating you well! Just a quick note to share some good news: "Photograph" is going to air on ABC's The Fosters tonight at 9pm. Woo! Plus, stay tuned for a new EP coming…

Home Tonight to Air on HBO!

Hey there,

I just found out that one of my songs, Home Tonight, got placed on a tv show called Eastbound and Down and will air tonight at 10pm on HBO. I've been working toward something like this for a…

Don't Forget to Suck - A Song About Breastfeeding and Life

Ladies and Gents,

I write you this message with overwhelming excitement and underwhelming pace-- why? you ask. Well that's because I'm holding my new baby girl, Lorelei, in my left arm while I type to you with my right.…

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Tomorrow marks the start of my favorite time of year. For me, summer has always meant freedom--a few months to go and do almost anything I want. I get that as we get older, that may not always be the…

V-Day and B-Day

Hey, there. Just a quick note on this fine Valentine's Day to invite you to:

Brandon's Big Baltimore Birthday Bash Show on March 9th at Eutaw Place.

Alliterative, right? This will be the biggest solo show I've ever played…

Shows this Week + I'm in a Book!

Hey there.

Long time no talk. I hope this finds you after a (ful)filling Thanksgiving, and getting in gear for the holidays. Speaking of holidays - this is pretty cool - I'm in a book! It's called A Kosher

So long, California!

Hey there. Man, it's been a while. Three years on the west coast went by so quickly, it almost feels like a dream. I've got this song I'm working on, and it basically says that sometimes it feels like I'm…

Carol of the Bells (Dubstep Beatbox Remix)

And now for something completely different! I got together with my friend MC Eucalips and did our own version of Carol of the Bells. All percussion, scratches, wobbles, and funky sounds are coming from Eucalips' mouth. Thanks to Norman for…