Don't Forget to Suck - A Song About Breastfeeding and Life

Ladies and Gents,

I write you this message with overwhelming excitement and underwhelming pace-- why? you ask. Well that's because I'm holding my new baby girl, Lorelei, in my left arm while I type to you with my right. Being a dad is just awesome. I know that word gets thrown around a lot but I feel good about its usage here.

"So, have you written a song for your new baby yet?" people ask. 'Course I did. I'm not saying it's the next "Isn't She Lovely" (which incidentally was written by Stevie before the birth of his daughter according to my friend Brad), but I do feel like it fills a void in the world of songs for newborns.

The song is called Don't Forget to Suck, and it's about breastfeeding and life, written for our new baby girl and dedicated to our favorite lactation consultant, Tamina. Click the image below to watch the video and if you get what I'm saying, please pass it on:


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