V-Day and B-Day

Hey, there. Just a quick note on this fine Valentine's Day to invite you to:

Brandon's Big Baltimore Birthday Bash Show on March 9th at Eutaw Place.

Alliterative, right? This will be the biggest solo show I've ever played and I'm thrilled to be sharing the stage with the supremely talented Avi Wisnia. Not only that, but Flying Dog Brewery is holding a free beer tasting right before the show.

Tickets are cheaper if you get them now, so here's my advice: get them right here right now. I'll be bringing along some friends to join me on stage, including a cellist (!), and I've been working hard to make sure this show is going to be great. I'm not a big self promoter, so I'll just say that if you're gonna come to one show, this is the one.

Come help me celebrate my 30th birthday in a great venue with some good music and good beer. Hope to see you!

All the best,


On the occassion of Valentine's Day:


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